Domax, Crafting Musical Landscapes with a Personal Touch

Hailing from London, Domax is a versatile musician known for his guitar prowess with The Streets and collaborations with notable acts like Sister Sledge, Incognito, and Emile Sandé. Since April 2022, he’s been weaving his musical tapestry under the moniker “Domax,” already boasting an impressive repertoire of six EPs and a single, with more in store for 2023-2024. What sets Domax apart is his ability to draw from a wide range of influences, steering clear of mimicry while infusing his creations with his distinct musical signature. Elements of melody, texture, pulsating beats, and robust basslines form the core of his sonic explorations. His inspirations read like a who’s who of musical legends, with names like Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Talking Heads, M83, and Black Sabbath.


The latest offering, “Dark Storm EP,” was born from a demo file intended for a live show but took on a life of its own. It’s a testament to Domax’s ingenuity, showcasing a harder edge infused with the quintessential UK dance music and 2-step garage vibes. Featuring the formidable Nathan (Tug) Curran on drums, the EP is a testament to Domax’s mastery over his craft. Released through his own label and collective, HolyShift, “Dark Storm EP” is a sonic journey, blending earthy, melodic-driven sounds with an undercurrent of pulsating energy. The record, written, recorded, and mixed at HolyShift HQ, is a testament to Domax’s dedication to his artistry.

In a musical landscape dotted with influences from legends, Domax stands tall, carving his path with a sound that is uniquely and unmistakably his own. With a dynamic catalog already behind him and promising ventures on the horizon, Domax is an artist to watch in the coming years.

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