Transcending Time A_shes’ ‘glory days’

Malaysian-Bornean artist a_shes is set to release his latest single, “glory days,” on October 13th, offering a poignant reflection on the passage of time and the bittersweet journey from youth to adulthood. Set against a backdrop of synthpop melodies, a_shes masterfully combines smooth vocals, intricate samples, and progressively intensifying drum beats that culminate in an irresistible chorus. The song serves as a heartfelt letter to his younger self, navigating the emotional complexities of realizing the profound changes that growing up entails.


Based in the UK, a_shes‘ music carries listeners back to the early 2010s, evoking the indie music scene that thrived on platforms like Tumblr during that era. The sound is instantly recognizable, creating a wave of nostalgia for listeners. With tracks that grapple with the challenges of emerging into adulthood, a_shes establishes a deeply personal connection with his audience. Previous releases have earned acclaim, particularly from respected outlets like Earmilk. “glory days” is described as a “breakup song mourning your childhood innocence as you transition into becoming a hardened adult.” It serves as the inaugural piece for a_shes‘ forthcoming debut album. Sharing insight into its creation, a_shes revealed, “I started tinkering with the production, drawing inspiration from songs I was immersed in at the time, and experimenting with the overall structure.” After several revisions, the song’s theme solidified into a cinematic anthem for those apprehensive about leaving their past behind for an uncertain future.

The track is a perfect companion for late-night contemplation or introspective drives through rain-kissed streets. As a_shes extends comfort to his former self through his lyrics, the listener, too, finds solace in the unwritten chapters of their own journey. “glory days” emerges as an emotive chronicle of growth, a testament to a_shes’ ability to encapsulate the human experience in his music.

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