Embarking on an Auditory Odyssey John Puchiele Ensemble’s ‘AFTER LIFE’

John Puchiele Ensemble’s latest endeavor, ‘AFTER LIFE,’ is a transcendent auditory experience that beckons listeners on an allegorical journey into the realms beyond. As the ensemble’s sixth studio album, it stands as a testament to their mastery of conceptual recordings. The album, aptly titled ‘Change,’ serves as a banquet for the soul, infusing it with the life-affirming nectar of melodic compositions. Critics from Indie Dock Music Blog in England hail it as a transformative force, invoking a sense of profound introspection. Meanwhile, TJPL News underscores the album’s engrossing nature, emphasizing that it commands one’s full attention, promising an experience too rich to be a mere background score.


Online Artists from Italy commend ‘Change’ for its complexity and audacious musicality, labeling it a treasure trove of sonic innovation. The album, at times soothingly ambient and at others daringly unconventional, represents a striking juxtaposition of tranquility and eccentricity. From the shores of Ireland, No Transmission notes the album’s multi-dimensional character, weaving between serene orchestrations and exhilarating sonic landscapes. ‘Change’ is a musical expedition that navigates through varied emotional terrains with expert finesse.

Illustrate Magazine from New York celebrates John Puchiele Ensemble’s ability to convey profound emotions solely through instrumental compositions, a testament to their originality and creative prowess. Their work stands as a testament to the enduring power of instrumental music. Finally, Obscure Sound in New York lauds ‘Change’ for its captivating fusion of foreboding soundscapes and elegant piano-driven melodies. The album is a testament to the ensemble’s ability to conjure emotion through the language of music. ‘AFTER LIFE’ and its pivotal chapter ‘Change’ exemplify the musical mastery of John Puchiele Ensemble, delivering an auditory experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional albums. Each track is a testament to their ability to evoke profound sentiments without the reliance on lyrics. It stands as a timeless testament to the enduring power of instrumental music.

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