“MOVMENT’s ‘I Believe in Noise’ A Sonic Revelation”

On September 15, 2023, MOVMENT  unveiled their latest single, “I BELIEVE IN NOISE,” a sonic masterpiece recorded at End of Light Studios in Mullingar and Grouse Lodge, Mullingar, Ireland. Mixed by Alex Borwick and mastered by Jerome Schmitt at The Airlab, the track’s evocative power is amplified by the captivating artwork and photography of UVRay.

The Irish post-punk alternative indie rock band, MOVMENT, transcends conventionality, delivering music that resonates with raw immediacy and authenticity. Their forthcoming album, “REINVENTION,” slated for release in November 2023, promises an even deeper exploration of their distinct musical perspective.”I BELIEVE IN NOISE” delves into the profound impact of sound, music, and noise on our existence, illuminating how they sway our emotions and guide our life’s trajectory. It’s a call to trust our instincts, to absorb the world through our senses, and recognize these sensations as integral parts of our identity. The song powerfully asserts the significance of music and noise as uplifting and spiritual forces, serving as conduits for self-expression and profound connection.

The trio of Martin Kelly (Vocals, Drums), Kevin Kelly (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards), and Mark Kelly (Bass) forms the core of MOVMENT’s sound, supplemented by the dynamic contributions of Isabella Rowden Kelly (Guitars). Together, they craft music that is direct, unapologetic, and resonates with truth. Guitars, bass, drums, and synths converge to create a sound that’s both immediate and unvarnished. With “I BELIEVE IN NOISE,” MOVMENT embarks on a journey of sonic renewal and rediscovery. It’s a testament to their commitment to truthfulness and the pursuit of enlightenment through their music. As the anticipation builds for their forthcoming album “REINVENTION,” it’s clear that MOVMENT’s musical odyssey is one that challenges convention and invites listeners to embark on a profound introspective journey of their own.

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