Tom Tikka Marks Two Decades in Music with ‘Rainbows and Dead Flowers’

Tom Tikka, the seasoned songwriter with a career spanning two decades, unveils his latest creation, “Rainbows and Dead Flowers,” an album that’s been years in the making. With roots reaching back to 2018, this collection of tracks takes listeners on a journey from childhood reminiscences to the contemplation of mortality. While the themes are deep and introspective, Tikka infuses moments of levity, celebrating the complexity of life and relationships.


This release follows Tikka’s recent string of summer hits, including “Something New,” “Overnight Sensation,” and “Fire and Ice,” which have received critical acclaim and charted impressively. Collaborating closely with former bandmate Antti Autio from The Impersonators, Tikka brings forth a twelve-song album that showcases their songwriting prowess. Produced by Tikka and Janne Saksa, this release is a testament to Tikka’s enduring influence in the music scene. Formerly associated with Sony/BMG and best known for his work with Carmen Gray, Tikka embarked on a solo career in 2020. Since then, he’s released two well-received albums, “This Is My Happy Face” and “Better Man,” each earning its own accolades. With chart-toppers like “Doormat” and “With Eyes Closed,” Tikka has proven his ability to create music that resonates across genres and borders.

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Tikka’s impact has been recognized by various publications, including Huffington’s Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and Melody Maker Magazine. His music videos have garnered acclaim at film festivals worldwide, solidifying Tikka’s place as a luminary in the industry. With a track record of awards and nominations, Tikka’s influence in songwriting is both enduring and widespread.

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