Tom Minor Unleashes an Uptempo Heartbreak Anthem with ‘Bitter Remarks’

Ever wondered how a heart in the midst of breaking would sound? Tom Minor’s sophomore single, ‘It’s Easy to Play Hearts,’ is the poignant answer. It’s a symphony of bells, whistles, cutting remarks, and driving guitars, all set to the Motown rhythm of heartbreak. But don’t be fooled by its seemingly melancholic message; this uptempo pop soul gem is crafted to wash away your pain, turning the inevitable heartache into something remarkably bearable. It’s a track best enjoyed on the dance floor or in the solace of your own room.


Hailing from the multicultural neighborhood of London N1, Tom Minor draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including indie rock, new wave, punk, power pop, psychedelic and garage rock, soul, reggae, and ska. Raised by a Finnish-Swedish family, his music reflects a rich tapestry of influences.

Having navigated through the shadows of showbiz and held odd jobs as far away as New Zealand, Tom Minor now divides his time between London and Helsinki. ‘It’s Easy to Play Hearts‘ stands as a testament to his ability to infuse heartache with an infectious rhythm, turning pain into something you can dance to.

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