The Ruby Tears’ Latest Release, A Soaring Return to Music

The Ruby Tears are back with a new sound that marks a departure from their signature power pop and post-punk style. Initially hesitant about the release due to its distinct direction, the band ultimately decided that great music should never be kept from its audience. The track embodies a different sonic palette while retaining the essence of the three friends who used lockdown as a catalyst for creativity, triumphing over health challenges and personal transformations to continue producing exceptional music.


Comprising Jim Sangster on bass, John Goodfellow on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Jeff Skellon on guitars, The Ruby Tears’ journey began during lockdown as a project to keep the members sane. What started with 16 original songs evolved into a live performance, garnering them a growing fanbase. However, a health scare led to a temporary hiatus. Now, with this latest release, the band returns with a slightly more introspective and somber mood, showcasing their versatility. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of guitar music spanning from late sixties west coast psych to post-punk, The Ruby Tears’ influences reflect the diverse musical landscape that shaped their formative years. Although live performances took a backseat for over a year, the band is gearing up to hit the stage again, armed with new material and a renewed vigor.

The recording process, as with all their music, was a collaborative effort between their two home studios. The track’s inception dates back to April 2021, undergoing a transformative journey before emerging as the melancholic masterpiece it is today. The band believes it was worth the wait. This release not only signifies a return to form for The Ruby Tears but also heralds a new chapter, marked by personal and artistic growth. As they navigate the changing tides, this track stands as a testament to their resilience and creative spirit, inviting listeners on a journey of self-discovery and emotional liberation.

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