Jack Windsor’s Debut Album “My Old Ways” A Multifaceted Musical Journey

Jack Windsor’s debut full album, “My Old Ways,” is a musical odyssey that effortlessly traverses genres, offering listeners an eclectic mix of indie folk, new wave, Americana, and more. Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, Jack takes us on a sonic adventure that showcases his versatility as a songwriter. From rum-soaked indie rock to introspective spoken word pieces, each track finds its place in this cohesive album.


Recorded in Indianapolis, Indiana, with the talented producer Jackson Ward at the helm, the album features a stellar lineup of session musicians, including Casey Harshbarger on lead guitar, Conner Green on bass, Alex Moss on keys, and Jackson Ward on drums. This collaborative effort brings Jack’s vision to life, capturing the organic essence of his music. The album’s thematic core revolves around Jack’s personal journey of growth and self-discovery. “My Old Ways” is a poignant reflection on navigating the challenges of mental health struggles and addiction, ultimately finding redemption and renewal through love and recovery. It’s an album that resonates with authenticity, as Jack bares his soul through his evocative lyrics and melodies.

One notable aspect of the album’s production was Jack’s nomadic recording journey, spanning from Portland, Oregon, to Indianapolis, Indiana, and finally to Cleveland, Ohio. This geographical shift adds an intriguing layer to the album’s narrative, reflecting the artist’s own transformative experiences. In Jack’s own words, “My Old Ways” represents a significant artistic milestone. It’s a project that encapsulates his emotions, experiences, and the very essence of his musical identity. This album stands as an inspiration for others to channel their struggles into art, reminding us all of the transformative power of creativity, even in our darkest moments.

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