The Dizzy Ducks Unleashing Hard-Hitting Rock with a Pop Twist

The Dizzy Ducks are making waves in the music scene with their unique blend of hard rock infused with a pop sensibility. Their debut single, “Twisted,” dives deep into the dark and relatable tale of being ensnared in a toxic relationship and the ensuing struggle to find oneself. This track delivers hard-hitting choruses that induce involuntary stank faces, inviting listeners into a musical experience they won’t soon forget. The band, composed of Michael Boundy on drums, Mark Kenny on bass guitar, Cat Quarmby on vocals, and Jon Valenzuela on electric guitar, came together through a serendipitous fusion of musical passions. Longtime friends Michael and Mark laid the foundation for the band, and after a search for the perfect vocalist, Cat’s powerful voice completed the quartet. The final piece fell into place with the addition of guitarist Jon, solidifying The Dizzy Ducks in late 2023.


The band’s influences are as diverse as their sound. From Primus to Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age to Nero, each member’s unique tastes contribute to the band’s distinctive sonic tapestry. While The Dizzy Ducks may be newcomers to the music scene, their debut single is already making a significant impact. “Twisted” speaks to the universal struggle of navigating manipulative relationships and the toll it takes on one’s sense of self.

The recording process of “Twisted” was a journey in itself. Written over the course of several months, the band made a last-minute decision to rework half of the song just a week before recording. This creative shift resulted in a final version that exceeded their initial vision. In the words of bassist Mark Kenny, “The Dizzy Ducks are the best band I’ve ever listened to and their debut single ‘Twisted’ is possibly the best song ever. I say that with no bias at all.” With an electrifying debut and a promising future ahead, The Dizzy Ducks are poised to make their mark on the rock music landscape.

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