Ruiz! Crafting Psychedelic Soundscapes with ‘Stupid Old Git’

Ruiz! is not just a name; it’s an enigma, a musical alter ego forged by the hands of Hugh Ruiz Robert, a multi-talented artist hailing from Barcelona but finding his musical sanctuary in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. In a city known for birthing iconic bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Ruiz! emerges as a DIY force, crafting an eclectic fusion of genres that defy easy categorization.


With “Stupid Old Git,” his tenth release on Only Fruit Recordings, Ruiz! offers a three-minute and forty-second psychedelic journey, steeped in ’60s inspiration. Harmonies cascade over luscious guitars, creating a soundscape reminiscent of the golden era of rock. It’s a departure from his previous work, with fewer synths but a surplus of addictive melodies and ’60s harmonies. The track, as described by Ruiz! himself, evokes echoes of “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, and the experimental aura of Beck’s “Odelay.” “Stupid Old Git” is more than a song; it’s a vivid portrayal of an exasperating, patronizing figure from Ruiz!’s past. We’ve all encountered one of those, haven’t we?

Ruiz!’s music is a testament to his resilience and creative spirit. Amid the chaos of the pandemic, he found solace in crafting these elegant yet modern compositions. The hooks are infectious, the choruses are impossible to forget, and the overall sonic landscape is a testament to Ruiz!’s undeniable talent. As his second album looms on the horizon, Ruiz! invites listeners on a journey through life, love, and the peculiarities of a post-Covid world. Each track is a testament to his commitment to creating music that transcends boundaries and speaks to the heart of the human experience. With Ruiz!, the adventure is only just beginning.

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