Symphonic Mastery Koburg Andersen Unleashes Power and Passion in ‘Silent Voices’

Koburg Andersen, the mastermind behind the symphonic metal project KOBURG, emerges with a powerful statement in her latest single, “Silent Voices.” As a one-woman band based in Winchester, UK, Koburg not only writes all her songs but also delivers a mesmerizing performance by handling vocals and playing all the instruments. This musical powerhouse has already left her mark with two well-received albums, “The Enchantress” and “Position Of Power,” showcasing her undeniable talent and garnering praise from both critics and radio stations.


With music serving as her lifeline and passion, Koburg’s creative journey takes a fascinating turn in “Silent Voices.” The single, now available on Limited Edition CD and across all digital platforms, is a testament to her resilience and commitment to her craft. The song is a symphonic metal masterpiece, blending evocative orchestral elements seamlessly woven together by Koburg’s self-taught skills on cello and viola during the lockdown.

Produced in collaboration with industry heavyweights like Dean Baker (Galahad) and Anthony Malpass (Naked Lunch), “Silent Voices” is mixed by Evan Rodaniche (Powerman 5000) and mastered by Ted Jensen, ensuring a sonic experience that resonates with the power and intensity Koburg brings to her music. Beyond her solo endeavors, Koburg contributes her talents as a session singer and guitarist for musicians worldwide, showcasing the depth of her musical prowess. “Silent Voices” is not just a single; it’s a testament to Koburg’s artistic evolution and an exciting glimpse into what promises to be a groundbreaking new album. With her unparalleled dedication and unique blend of symphonic metal elements, Koburg Andersen continues to carve her niche in the vibrant world of metal music.

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