Retro Resurgence Ronnue’s ‘R&B is NOT DEAD’ EP Redefines the Soundtrack of Today

Ronnue’s latest EP, aptly titled “R&B is NOT DEAD,” is a testament to the enduring spirit of R&B, brought into the contemporary music landscape with a unique flair. Among the gems in this original collection is the soulful track “I love you,” a standout that showcases Ronnue’s ability to seamlessly blend the nostalgia of the past with the cutting-edge technology of today.


In an era where music genres often find themselves confined to rigid definitions, Ronnue defies categorization. He draws inspiration from the musical tapestry of the past but infuses it with a modern twist, creating a sound that’s uniquely his own. The EP exudes a Bruno Mars vibe, but with Ronnue’s distinctive touch, offering listeners a fresh and dynamic experience. Ronnue’s versatility shines through in “R&B is NOT DEAD,” where each track explores different facets of retro-infused genres, be it Retro-Pop, Retro-Funk, or Retro-R&B. His unpredictability adds a delightful element of surprise, keeping the audience engaged and eager for what musical exploration he might undertake next.

Having earned the title of 2019 Indie Artist of the Year from Mark the Shark publications, Ronnue is solidifying his status as an Indie darling. With his ability to seamlessly navigate through various retro influences and deliver a sound that resonates across genres, Ronnue is undoubtedly making waves in the music industry, proving that R&B is very much alive and thriving in his capable hands. “R&B is NOT DEAD” is not just an EP; it’s a declaration and celebration of the timeless quality of rhythm and blues, skillfully revitalized for today’s audience.

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