Solitude’s Symphony: Bad Bubble’s ‘Alone’

“Bad Bubble, a true musical artisan, refuses to conform to the fleeting trends of the digital age. With a commitment to genuine artistry, they craft soulful compositions, each surpassing the 45-second mark, delving into real, intricate emotions. Eschewing software, they opt for old-school instruments and mixing boards, embodying integrity in every note.The band, led by the multi-talented Bad Bubble, is a one-person powerhouse handling synths, keyboards, guitar, vocals, and more. Their influences in synthpop are apparent in the captivating melodies that grace their compositions.


Bad Bubble’s journey is one of solitude and introspection, reflected in the hauntingly beautiful ‘Alone.’ This poignant track resonates with anyone who’s grappled with the weight of isolation. It’s an evocative piece that questions the limits of human endurance, a heartfelt plea for connection in a world that seems distant.

The album’s production is a testament to Bad Bubble’s unwavering dedication. They single-handedly write and record, foregoing the easy route of software-based production. Instead, each instrument is meticulously played, creating an organic, raw sound that speaks volumes. In a landscape dominated by disposable playlists and superficial music, Bad Bubble offers a refreshing alternative. Their work demands active engagement, a call to delve deeper into the art form. ‘Alone’ is not merely a song; it’s a profound expression of the human experience, a haunting melody that lingers long after the last note fades.”

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