Skinemaxxx: Fly Anakin and foisey’s Sultry Exploration

Following up on a breakout album is always a tough task, and that’s exactly what Richmond rapper Fly Anakin had to deal with after the success of “Frank,” his dope debut. He announced a collab with foisey, another member of Mutant Academy, for a project called “Skinemaxxx,” split into two EPs telling the same story. Side A dropped in March, and while it showed Anakin’s lyrical prowess, it lacked cohesion with skits and weird sequencing. But yo, Side B is the real deal, showing off their undeniable chemistry.

On Side A, there were some bangers like “Blicky Bop” and “Outsidigan’s Anthem,” where Anakin was exploring new sounds, stepping out of his thoughtful stoner lane. But it felt like he was still finding his way, with dusty loops and hypnotic vocal rhythms being his comfort zone. Side B, though, is where they hit their stride: foisey leans into that moody quiet storm vibe, and Anakin drops some of his most lascivious verses to date.

Right from the start with “Taxicab Confessions,” you can tell they got it locked. The track’s got that Ginuwine groove, and Anakin’s absurd pickup lines are delivered with so much confidence you can’t help but imagine they actually work.

Then comes “Intrepid,” with that rattling g-funk, and Anakin gets more explicit about his sexual prowess. He’s not holding back, flexing hard on this one. They close the EP with “Lacy Duvalle,” a seductive sex jam that just oozes sensuality.

Unlike Side A, where the skits felt off, here Anakin weaves bits of his origin story into the EP’s raunchiness, adding depth to the tracks like “Animal Planet” and “Blockstory.” It’s like a coming-of-age narrative, building on the themes from “Frank,” and it fits much better.

Anakin once said he likes “busy beats” to get lost in his head, but foisey’s more minimal palette doesn’t slow him down at all. He sounds even more agile, and the whole EP feels weighty despite its short runtime. The chemistry between Anakin and foisey is on point, and though the two sides of “Skinemaxxx” might seem disconnected when played together, they show the versatility and growth of Anakin as an artist. Taking the time to refocus and trim the fat paid off big time; it’s the kind of move that builds a legacy, not just a discography.

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