Dave East’s “Fortune Favors the Bold” Struggles to Balance Artistic Integrity and Chart Success

Yo, listen up fam, we talkin’ ’bout that new Dave East album, “Fortune Favors the Bold,” you feel me? This dude been grindin’ for over 30 years, droppin’ classic albums, and reppin’ that golden era of rap. But yo, this new joint got me feelin’ some type of way, know what I’m sayin’?

Dave East

So, the title ain’t just some street knowledge he picked up, it’s deeper than that. It’s about bein’ bold, breakin’ out of that box your environment puts you in, and not waitin’ for handouts. He came from nothin’, the projects and all that, but he makin’ sure his daughters never see that life. Tomorrow ain’t guaranteed, so he puttin’ out music that’ll stand the test of time.

But you know what’s wild? He Googled John Wick’s tattoo for inspiration, like what? That’s a crazy way to come up with an album title, right? I mean, it still kinda fits the vibe, but you can’t front, that’s an unexpected source.

Now, there’s some fire tracks on here, no doubt. He teamed up with Hit-Boy again, and when they on point, it’s magic. “Office Hours” got that Dells sample goin’ on, and he’s spittin’ some real ish about being a Godfather in this game. Even brought 50 Cent back, but his verse was a bit short, bruh.

But here’s the thing, some songs feel like they chasin’ them radio hits. “Sex So Good” with Coi Leray, man, that’s just off. It ain’t makin’ sex sound good at all. And “HUSTLERS” with Tyga? Nah, that’s just bland, no flavor at all.

Now, “WDGAF” with G-Eazy, that’s a tough one. East ain’t really clickin’ with that beat, and G-Eazy’s verse? Bro, that ain’t it. It’s like he googled “radio rap hit” and just went with it.

I ain’t hatin’ though, there’s still some bangers here. “Weirdos” with Jadakiss hits different, man. That Lox legend got East spittin’ with that raw energy we love. But then “WDGAF” comes on right after, and it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions, you feel me?

At the end of the day, this album got me conflicted. I know East got skills, but some choices got me scratchin’ my head. He should stick to that rawness, be true to himself, ’cause that’s when he shines the most. Gotta find that balance between the charts and keepin’ it real.

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