SKID MARKZ, An Emotional Dive into Glitch-Pop Soundscapes

SKID MARKZ is a poignant dive into emotionally-driven Glitch-Pop with a touch of Vaporwave, a concoction where harsh textures collide with warm synths within ever-evolving song structures. Ben Wright, under the alias ‘Jean RN,’ takes the reins, masterfully handling recording and production.


Scheduled for release on September 14, 2023, through the UK-based netlabel Ghost Nun, specializing in Noise-Pop, this EP is a testament to the intersection of experimentation and accessibility. Influences ranging from Oneohtrix Point Never to Charli XCX, The Microphones, Low, Bon Iver, and Gilla Band weave through its sonic fabric. Recorded over a span of months in the comforts of Suffolk, UK, and meticulously mastered by Angel Marcloid, also known as ‘Fire-Toolz,’ SKID MARKZ delves into the remnants of the past. Each track narrates a tale of individuals who once held significance but have now receded into memory, leaving indelible marks on the psyche.

In the words of Ben Wright, “It’s noisy music for sad people.” This succinct phrase encapsulates the raw, evocative essence of SKID MARKZ, an EP poised to resonate deeply with those who seek solace in experimental soundscapes that mirror the complexities of human emotion.

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