GLOOM GIRL MFG”s latest EP Factory

Gloom Girl MFG emerges from the heart of Nashville’s music scene, delivering a post-punk indie rock experience that leaves audiences yearning for more. Their music is a powerful concoction of slippery melodies and relentless grooves that hit you like a punch to the senses.


In the wake of a pandemic-riddled world, Gloom Girl MFG’s mission is clear: to offer the post-pandemic generation a form of meaningful escapism from the prevailing global gloom. Each performance is an intense affair, leaving everything – blood, sweat, and tears – on the stage. Their music is a mix of introspective lyricism, ethereal joy, and a much-needed refuge.

Taking cues from the likes of Television, Hole, and The Pretenders, Gloom Girl MFG has skillfully carved out their own distinct sound. Their infectious energy knows no bounds, and they excel at weaving narratives that are both grand and sincere. The impending release of their debut EP, ‘Factory’, slated for September 8, 2023, marks a significant milestone in Gloom Girl MFG’s journey towards etching their name in the annals of rock music history. Brace yourself for a ride through their sonic universe.

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