Scopolamine A Raw and Heartfelt Ode to Lost Love

“Scopolamine” is a heart-wrenching masterpiece, a raw outpouring of love and loss that resonates deeply with anyone who’s felt the ache of separation. Clare Easdown, the force behind this poignant track, channels her pain into haunting vocals and masterful mixing. The result is a piece of art that cuts to the core. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Grimes and FKA twigs, Clare’s music is a fusion of classical cello roots and self-taught electronic flair. Her talent shines through, painting a vivid picture of heartbreak and longing. “Scopolamine” isn’t just a song; it’s an emotional journey through the depths of love’s abyss.


Recorded in Clare’s own home in Menai, Sydney, the track’s production is a testament to its authenticity. The decision to eschew overproduction pays off, allowing the raw emotion to shine through. The silence that followed Clare’s attempts to reconnect with a lost love fuels the track’s power, making it a relatable anthem for anyone who’s been in that heart-wrenching position.

“Scopolamine” stands as a brutal reminder of the pain of lost love, a poignant reflection on the possibility of never reuniting with the one who holds your heart. Clare’s soul-baring lyrics and haunting melodies leave an indelible mark, a testament to her artistry and the depths of human emotion. This track is a masterpiece in every sense, a raw, real, and heartfelt expression of the universal experience of love and loss.

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