Ruto’s ‘double speak’ Shreds Boundaries in LA’s Music Scene

Ruto’s latest single, “double speak,” not only signifies the evolution of the artist but also stands as a beacon of innovation in LA’s musical landscape. As an LA native, Ruto takes pride in the rich history of music and culture that the city has nurtured.


The track is a striking fusion of old and new genres, exemplifying the diverse musical offerings of the city. It’s a testament to authenticity, devoid of labels or unnecessary frills – just a musician from South Central, skillfully weaving a beautiful melody. Comprising solely of Oscar Bautista, who handles all aspects of composition and instrumentation, Ruto is a solo project that marries various pop influences from across the globe with elements of funk and video game music.

“double speak” delves into the theme of self-deception, particularly in the face of gaslighting. Ruto candidly expresses grappling with the act of convincing oneself of things that don’t serve our best interests. The song serves as a cathartic release, aiding in the process of letting go of this detrimental habit. Recording in South Central LA alongside longtime producer Randy Mendoza, Ruto’s commitment to authenticity shines through. The single marks a departure from the mellow lounge vibes of previous work, aiming to elevate the tempo and explore more audacious sonic territories.

“double speak” not only brings forth a powerful sonic experience but also served as the catalyst for Ruto’s inaugural music video production, adding an exciting visual dimension to the release. In Ruto’s own words, this single is a stride towards crafting the quintessential love song – one that celebrates self-acceptance and self-love. This track isn’t just a musical evolution; it’s a declaration of artistic independence and a bold step into uncharted musical territories.

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