Marottes, Blending Sound and Vision in ‘Languish, Under the Full Moon’

Marottes, the brainchild of Cleveland-born TV producer and video director Mike Mytnick, transcends traditional musical boundaries. This electronic audiovisual project is an embodiment of both concept and character, born out of Mytnick’s return to his Cleveland roots after nearly a decade in NYC’s TV production scene. With ‘Languish: Under the Full Moon,’ Mytnick invites listeners on a profound journey into the depths of the human psyche. Released on September 27th, 2023, this album is a testament to his ability to craft music that strikes a chord with introverts and introspective souls, while also enticing them to surrender to dance-inducing beats.


The genesis of the release traces back to intimate renditions of Mytnick’s songs during his U.S. tour. These renditions were transformed into night versions, designed to immerse listeners, whether in the pulse of a club or the solace of headphones at home. ‘Languish: Under the Full Moon’ emerges as a nocturnal reinterpretation of his previous tracks. Inspiration for the album stems from a diverse range of sources. Mytnick’s deep connection with the serene shores of Lake Erie and his passion for Zelda games have woven into the musical fabric. Iconic melodies like the “Song of Storms” find a place in “See Mee,” while the ethereal aura of Stone Tower Temple music from Majora’s Mask influences “Flip Cups.”

Historical art and manuscripts from medieval and Renaissance eras provide an additional layer of depth. These timeless themes enrich the contemporary production, showing the expansive scope of Mytnick’s creative vision. The early days of the pandemic, marked by Tarot readings, served as a pivotal moment in laying out the album’s specific songs and overarching conceptual framework. Influenced by the boundary-pushing band HEALTH, Mytnick embraces the tradition of releasing an album followed by a DISCO version. ‘Languish: Under the Full Moon’ stands as his unique interpretation, leading listeners on a mesmerizing nocturnal journey that breathes new life into his previous tracks. This project is more than music; it’s a multisensory experience, a testament to Mytnick’s creative prowess and a testament to the boundless potential of art to captivate and inspire.

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