Rusty Reid Delivers a Stirring Political Manifesto with ‘The United States of Selfishness’

Prepare for a musical experience that’s as audacious as it is thought-provoking. Rusty Reid’s latest single, “The United States of Selfishness,” ventures into the realms of philosophical-political commentary, offering a searing reflection on the current state of the nation and, by extension, the world. Apologies for the deviation from the usual musical fare, but “The United States of Selfishness” isn’t your average track. Rusty Reid fearlessly tackles the turbulent political landscape of the United States, addressing the historical and contemporary upheavals that have shaped the nation. Yet, the narrative extends beyond borders, resonating with any society grappling with authoritarianism, intolerance, belligerence, and racism—a global struggle against a quasi-fascist tide.


Reid boldly identifies conservatism as the “Ideology of Selfishness,” not shying away from asserting that selfishness is an inherent human trait. However, he emphasizes the virtue of collective effort in curbing and controlling this selfishness for the greater good—an essential paradigm in an interconnected world. “The United States of Selfishness” is a soaring and searing opus that transcends the conventional bounds of a song. It’s a political artwork, a statement, a plea, a warning, and a flicker of hope that there’s still time to rescue ourselves from the very enemy we’ve become. The song’s length is intentional, offering listeners the space to reflect on the weighty themes presented, leaving an indelible imprint long after the final note fades.

Rusty Reid’s musical journey takes an unconventional turn, injecting substance and socio-political introspection into the airwaves. “The United States of Selfishness” beckons you to listen, to contemplate, and perhaps, to act—a call to collective responsibility as we navigate the precarious waters of our shared existence.

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