Polyvoda’s ‘Homeless’ A Soulful Exploration of Shared Human Experience

In the pulsating heart of Kyiv, emerged Polyvoda in 2022, a musical venture that transcends borders and embraces a unique blend of talent. Formed by the duo of keyboardist Kirill Chykhradze and bassist Denis Levchenko, previously harmonizing in different musical landscapes, the band embarked on a sonic journey that would soon captivate audiences worldwide. Their latest single, “Homeless,” unveils a soulful narrative, delving into the intricacies of human experience.


Polyvoda’s musical canvas extends beyond conventional boundaries, a testament to their commitment to collaboration. With the addition of Mikhail Birchenko, the renowned leader and drummer of Hyphen Dash, the trio brings a collective synergy that pulsates through their compositions. Notably, Polyvoda’s sonic palette is enriched by the enchanting presence of female vocals, a distinctive feature threading through all their songs. “Homeless” stands as a testament to Polyvoda’s ability to evoke profound emotions through their music. The track weaves a tapestry of sound that resonates with the universal theme of shared humanity. It’s not merely a song; it’s a melodic exploration, inviting listeners into a realm where borders dissolve, and emotions take center stage.


Polyvoda’s approach goes beyond the conventional, as evidenced by their collaboration with international voices. This collaboration amplifies their commitment to articulating a shared human experience that transcends geographical constraints. “Homeless” invites you to embark on a musical odyssey, where every note is a bridge connecting souls, and every lyric is a story echoing the collective heartbeat of our shared existence.

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