Rosina Roars Back Unveiling the Vulnerable Melody of ‘Like a Lion’

Embarking on a new musical journey, Rosina unveils her soul-stirring single, “Like a Lion,” marking her return after a hiatus since 2015. This release stands as a significant juncture in her artistic evolution, mirroring the profound shifts in her life. Having navigated the complexities of self-discovery and triumphed over addiction with the radiant light of self-love, Rosina’s four-year sobriety journey sets the stage for a story she’s ready to share.


“Like a Lion,” a song penned six years ago, started its recording just weeks before Rosina’s entry into residential rehab. The ensuing global lockdown, which in hindsight provided a cocoon for healing and bonding with her son, delayed the song’s completion until last year. The track, harbored in anticipation for months, now emerges as a testament to her resilience and readiness to rekindle her musical journey. The single unfurls as a poignant narrative, offering a raw and authentic glimpse into Rosina’s tumultuous voyage through the twilight of a relationship. Her melancholic melodies intertwine seamlessly with brutally honest lyrics, crafting an autobiographical incantation that seeks to make sense of heartbreak. “Like a Lion” delves into the wreckage of shattered dreams, portraying two souls desperately navigating the turbulent sea of love, inadvertently causing each other pain in the process.

The courage to release this musical creation is a profound step, hinting at a forthcoming 13-track album in early 2024. Rosina’s “Like a Lion” is not just a song; it’s a cathartic expression of vulnerability, an emotional odyssey that invites listeners to resonate with the echoes of love’s unraveling.

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