Rivages du Monde Flottant, Wendy Martinez’s Psychedelic Musical Odyssey

Wendy Martinez, known as the co-lead singer of the sixties-inspired girl group Gloria (Howlin’ Banana Label), steps into the spotlight with her debut solo album, “Rivages du Monde Flottant”. A multi-talented artist, Martinez wears the hats of composer, musician, graphic designer, and self-taught music video director, creating a surreal, psychedelic universe within her French pop songs. The album, released in March 2023, is a tapestry of vivid narratives. Martinez invites us to meet a people with blue skin in the distant fourth millennium, witness strong women anticipating the Great Evening, and encounter lovers entwined in the Sumerian era. Her vivid storytelling and dreamlike imagery transport the listener to realms both ancient and futuristic.


One standout track, “Le pays imaginaire”, has recently earned a spot in France Inter’s prestigious Summer Official Playlist, a testament to Martinez’s ability to resonate with a wide audience. Her music videos, directed with fervent dedication, are an extension of her artistic vision. Notably, she created a striking black and white 16mm film for “Aux femmes fortes”, paying homage to modern dance. Martinez’s prior EP, “La chevauchée Electrique”, released in 2021, showcased her penchant for intimate and surrealist lyrics set against a backdrop of 70s and 80s rock and psychedelic pop. The EP garnered critical acclaim and received airplay on various national and international radio stations.

“Rivages du Monde Flottant” delves deeper into Martinez’s world, with thirteen meticulously crafted tracks. Collaborating with a talented ensemble of musicians, including renowned bassist Alexis Morel Journel and drummer Josselin Hazard, Martinez weaves together a visceral exploration of resilience, psychosomatics, and free speech. Sung in French, her verses carry a poetic and surrealist influence, allowing even non-French speakers to feel the emotional depth. The album’s title, “Rivages du Monde Flottant”, encapsulates the theme of impermanence, drawing from the Japanese Buddhist concept of the “floating world”. Martinez’s work is met with well-deserved acclaim, receiving support from major French radio stations like France Inter and Fip, and earning praise from both French and international press.

Martinez’s journey is not only auditory but visual, as she takes the reins in directing her music videos, a testament to her unwavering passion and talent. With “Rivages du Monde Flottant”, Wendy Martinez invites us to embark on a transcendent voyage through time, space, and the boundless realms of imagination.

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