Resurgence of My Life Story, ‘I’m A God’ Marks a New Era in Epic Pop

My Life Story, the eminent trailblazers of epic pop, fronted by the magnetic Jake Shillingford, are set to make a resounding return with their latest single, ‘I’m A God’, scheduled for release on August 30th. This release not only signifies a pivotal moment in their musical journey but also ushers in an exciting new phase for the band. Following this, fans can eagerly anticipate an eagerly-awaited UK tour next year, featuring two headline shows at London’s illustrious 100 Club on Oxford Street—a sold-out event for Saturday, February 17th, 2024.


Despite its audacious title, ‘I’m a God’ isn’t a covert nod to Shillingford’s own on-stage charisma. Instead, it’s a meticulously constructed tribute to a pantheon of deities, each deserving varying degrees of reverence. Jake elucidates, “I wanted to highlight how the media lazily awards everything and everyone divine status and consider if worshiping false gods is embedded in our DNA.” This track, akin to the timeless classics from My Life Story, artfully weaves together real and imagined gods, creating a rich tapestry of lyrical contrasts. In 2024, My Life Story is poised to unveil their fifth studio album—an opus born of the creative synergy between Jake, Nick Evans, and expertly mixed by the renowned Ben Hillier. This highly anticipated release on Exilophone Records will feature a collection of this year’s digital-only singles, including ‘Numb Numb Numb’ and ‘Tits & Attitude’, alongside eight brand new tracks. This follows the success of their critically acclaimed 2019 album, ‘World Citizen’.

Formed in Southend in 1984, My Life Story played a pioneering role in the Britpop movement. Their fusion of playful lyrics with grandiose pop culminated in a flamboyant 11-piece ensemble complete with strings and brass. Their fervent live shows caught the attention of Giles Martin, who recorded tracks for their debut album, ‘Mornington Crescent’. With a string of hits including ’12 Reasons Why I Love Her’ and ‘It’s A Girl Thing’, My Life Story left an indelible mark on the 90s music scene. They’ve graced the stages of Glastonbury and Reading Festival multiple times and even headlined over Oasis.

After a hiatus from touring and recording, the band returned with vigor in the 2010s, thrilling audiences with a streamlined lineup. The clamor for new music grew, culminating in the fan-funded album ‘World Citizen’ in 2019, which received widespread critical acclaim. Now, with ‘I’m A God’ leading the way, My Life Story is poised to once again captivate the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world.

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