“Revolutionizing Noise: Moose Wrench Unleashes Dad-Bod Alt-Core Anthem”

Moose Wrench, the trio hailing from the peculiar realms between time and space, is back with their second single from the highly anticipated album, ‘Not Dead Yet’. Following the success of their first release, this track unveils a fresh facet of their dad-bod alt-core sound. As they embark on their mission to redefine the genre, the collective efforts of Moose Wrench are poised to make dad-bod alt-core a household term.

The band’s lineup consists of Dr. Dan on Keytar and Vocals, Mr. Dan on Bass, and Dan Jr. on Drums. Originating from a tale involving flying monkeys and the Nevada desert, they’ve now settled in Leeds, using their unique brand of mid-life ponderings to create an alt-metal resonance that delves into the intricacies of everyday life.

Drawing influence from the likes of Mr. Bungle and the Ting Tings, Moose Wrench has been gracing stages across Leeds, Sheffield, and Manchester since their debut at Hyde Park Unity Day in Leeds exactly one year ago. Their spirited performances and contagious enthusiasm for their craft are leaving audiences with an infectious grin.

Recorded at Greenmount Studios in Leeds, this single encapsulates Moose Wrench’s ethos of embracing eccentricity and refusing to conform to the norms of aging. It’s a raucous anthem that encourages listeners to pursue their passions unapologetically.

In the words of Moose Wrench: “Grow old loudly and disgracefully and dress accordingly.” With ‘Not Dead Yet’ on the horizon, the revolution of dad-bod alt-core is well underway.

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