Review of “Stumble” by Scared of Sharks

Scared of Sharks, originating from Mogareeka, presents their latest single “Stumble,” a vibrant fusion of alternative rock, surf, punk, and garage rock influences that showcases their raw musical prowess and infectious energy. “Stumble” emerges as a testament to Scared of Sharks’ commitment to their rock ‘n roll roots. Spearheaded by Taylor Schwifty’s dynamic vocals and bolstered by the rhythmic foundation laid down by Tim Jong un and bassist Loui Crouton, the track bursts with a blend of gritty guitars and driving percussion. This sonic blend not only highlights their adeptness at crafting catchy melodies but also captures the band’s electrifying stage presence.

Credit: Vivienne Tennent

Recorded predominantly live at Stranded Rec. under the guidance of producer Codey Munro More, “Stumble” exudes a raw authenticity that underscores the band’s spontaneous and unfiltered approach to their music. The decision to record live adds a visceral quality to the track, enhancing its immediacy and allowing the band’s chemistry to shine through. Mastered by Owen Penglis, known for his work with prominent indie acts, the production of “Stumble” maintains a balance between raw intensity and polished sound, ensuring that each riff and beat resonates with clarity and impact.

“Stumble” serves as the lead single from Scared of Sharks’ forthcoming debut EP, scheduled for release later this year. It sets a promising tone for what listeners can expect from the band, promising a collection of tracks that blend their eclectic influences into a cohesive and compelling musical journey. “Stumble” not only solidifies Scared of Sharks’ position as a formidable presence in the Australian rock scene but also showcases their evolution as musicians committed to delivering authentic and engaging rock music with a modern twist.

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