Josh Savage’s ‘seeing red feeling blue’ EP Captures Emotional Depth and Resilience

Josh Savage’s latest EP, “seeing red feeling blue,” is a heartfelt exploration of life’s emotional highs and lows, delivered with a blend of introspective lyrics and vibrant melodies. As a self-managed independent artist, Josh Savage has crafted a collection that resonates deeply, drawing from personal experiences and universal themes. The EP kicks off with “Fight Another Day,” a track that merges upbeat rhythms with contemplative lyrics. It’s a testament to resilience, depicting Josh’s determination to persevere through dark moments. The song builds energetically, culminating in a drum and bass flourish that symbolizes overcoming adversity with relentless positivity. “Echoes” follows suit, inspired by the lasting impact of small acts of kindness and truth. The song’s anthemic quality, combined with its heartfelt lyrics, creates a profound listening experience. It resonates with a message of connection and the ripple effects of meaningful interactions.

Credit: Celeste Call

“Heaven On Earth” shifts gears, celebrating the joy of finding deep love. With its infectious melody and sincere lyrics, the song captures the euphoria and gratitude of cherishing a special relationship. It’s a heartfelt tribute that radiates warmth and authenticity. “Winner” takes a reflective turn, exploring the pitfalls of comparison and the pursuit of success. Against a backdrop of melodic introspection, Josh encourages listeners to embrace their own journeys and find fulfillment without succumbing to societal pressures. Closing the EP is “Sleep On It,” a serene track that emphasizes the importance of patience and introspection during life’s challenges. Its soothing vibe and introspective lyrics provide a contemplative conclusion to the EP, encouraging listeners to find clarity after moments of uncertainty.

Recorded with producer Julian Simmons, known for his work with renowned artists, the EP boasts a polished sound that complements Josh’s emotive vocals and intricate instrumentation. Josh’s innovative use of Music NFTs to fund the project underscores his commitment to engaging his audience in the creative process. “seeing red feeling blue” is a cohesive narrative of resilience and personal growth. Each song offers a unique perspective on life’s journey, delivered with sincerity and musical craftsmanship that leave a lasting impression on the listener. Josh Savage has created an EP that not only showcases his musical talent but also invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences with empathy and understanding.

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