Review of “Common” by Holy Høly

Holy Høly, the musical persona of Ewa Baran, unveils a captivating new single titled “Common,” released under the Italian label Cultural Bridge. This track is a fusion of classical piano and double bass with modern synths and ethereal vocals, showcasing Baran’s multifaceted talents as a composer and performer. What stands out immediately in “Common” is the seamless integration of diverse elements. Baran’s classical piano and double bass form the backbone of the composition, lending it a grounded yet expressive foundation. The addition of synths enriches the sonic palette, providing a contemporary twist to the track’s overall atmosphere.

Holy Høly

Collaborators Kafiristan on saxophone and drums, along with Szymon Nożyński contributing lo-fi samples, inject a distinctive character into “Common.” The saxophone lines, characterized by their jazzy inflections, intertwine elegantly with the smooth vocals and electronic textures, creating layers of depth and intrigue throughout the song. Baran’s vocals, delivered with a blend of clarity and emotive depth, guide the listener through the sonic landscape crafted by her ensemble. The production is crisp and polished, showcasing a meticulous attention to detail that enhances the listening experience.

“Common” is not merely a song but an auditory journey that transcends conventional genre boundaries. It merges elements of classical, jazz, and electronic music into a cohesive and refreshing sound. Holy Høly’s ability to blend these influences into a unified musical expression demonstrates her artistic vision and innovation.  “Common” is a testament to Holy Høly’s talent and creativity, offering listeners a unique and immersive musical experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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