Rebels Ignite Dial Drive’s ‘Burning Bridges’ Sets Punk Rock Ablaze

“Burning Bridges” is Dial Drive’s highly anticipated sophomore album, a fiery offering from Orlando’s punk rock scene. Following their 2019 release “Wasted Time,” this dynamic record delves into a diverse range of influences, carving a niche within Alternative and Punk genres. The trio, comprising Jake LeDrew on Guitar/Vocals, Nate Durazzo on Guitar/Vocals, and Billy Morrissey on Drums, converged in 2017 after bonding over raucous house parties. Their camaraderie translated seamlessly into their music, infusing it with an electric energy.


Influenced by stalwarts like Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Taking Back Sunday, and Pennywise, Dial Drive’s sound is a culmination of punk’s finest. Their reputation has earned them a recurring slot at Gainesville’s FEST, and an impressive annual touring schedule of approximately 100 shows. The recording of “Burning Bridges” took place in Orlando, FL, with production helmed by the band, alongside Brooks Paschal and Brandon Bikoff. The album carries a distinct fervor, with many tracks reflecting the turmoil of the COVID era, resulting in a raw, angrier edge compared to their earlier work.

The album tackles themes of loss, frustration, and the unapologetic celebration of hedonism. Each song radiates with a contagious intensity, showcasing Dial Drive’s knack for crafting anthems that resonate with rebellion and resilience. With “Burning Bridges,” Dial Drive reaffirms their status as punk torchbearers, unapologetically stirring up chaos since their inception in 2017. This album is a testament to their unyielding spirit and musical prowess, solidifying their place in the punk rock pantheon.

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