Mythical Resonance Hawk Jupiter’s ‘Land Beneath Waves’ Evokes Ancient Irish Lore

Hawk Jupiter’s latest release, “Land Beneath Waves,” is a haunting fusion of ethereal vocals and pulsating synths, evoking comparisons to the likes of Billie Eilish and Goldfrapp. The introduction of vocalist Lauren Davis unveils a stunning new talent, adding a distinct dimension to Hawk Jupiter’s electronic soundscape. The song’s inspiration draws from ancient Irish mythology, specifically the mystical realm of “Tír na nÓg.”


This marks Hawk Jupiter’s eighth single, and his reputation as an electronic music prodigy is growing steadily. Hailing from Carlow, Ireland, he’s been dubbed ‘a name to watch’ by Dusty Organ in Toronto, an ‘Irish sonic wiz’ by Grotesqualizer in New York, and hailed as ‘unexpected’ by Nialler9 in Ireland. “Land Beneath Waves” weaves together brooding guitar effects, rhythmic synths, Lauren Davis’ captivating vocals, and commanding drums to create an otherworldly atmosphere, reminiscent of the Celtic Otherworld. The lyrics, a collaborative effort between Hawk Jupiter and Irish songwriter Helen Agnes D., reimagine the Irish myth of Tír na nÓg through the perspective of Niamh, a prominent figure in the tale.

As Niamh forewarns her lover Oisin of the perils that await him in Ireland, a sense of impending danger and eerie foreboding permeates the lyrics. The somber verses are juxtaposed against a backdrop of warm, enveloping synths, creating a captivating sonic tapestry. Lauren Davis’ vocals take center stage, soaring harmoniously above the immersive instrumentals. Her unique timbre and arresting presence add an ethereal quality to the track, complementing the narrative beautifully. “Land Beneath Waves” stands as a testament to the power of reimagining ancient tales through music. Hawk Jupiter’s collaboration with Helen Agnes D. breathes new life into Irish mythology, contributing to the rich tapestry of artists who have drawn inspiration from these timeless stories.

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