Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT) Remix”: An Irresistible Anthem for the Dance Floor

FRANÇOIS MARIUS takes us on a musical journey with his latest release, the Radio Edit & Reggae-Pop version of “Rasta Dance.” Recorded in Estonia and Canada in October 2023, this track has been masterfully polished at none other than the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London by Simon Gibson, a Grammy Award-winning maestro known for his exceptional work on The Beatles Album.


From the moment the track begins, it’s evident that “Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT) Remix” is destined for anthem status on dance floors worldwide. The seductive Jamaican influences are expertly blended with elements from Canada and Estonia, creating a sonic tapestry that is irresistibly catchy. The vocal delivery, characterized by ‘raggamuffin’ contours, adds an infectious rhythm that keeps the listener engaged throughout. The instrumental arrangement skillfully weaves ska and reggae influences, delivering a powerful energy that is sure to captivate any dancefloor.

FRANÇOIS MARIUS has curated a sonic landscape full of vibrant colors and dreams. A sublime female choir, the resonant brass section, and the distinctive sound of cuíca (beloved by fans of Brazilian samba) all contribute to the track’s unique identity. The arrangements exhibit a clever interplay of layers, creating an atmospheric backdrop that enchants the senses. The animated music video accompanying the track serves as a dynamic visual counterpart, propelling “Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT) Remix” into the realm of potential chart-toppers. FRANÇOIS MARIUS has once again showcased his musical prowess, leaving no doubt that this release is set to dominate dancefloors and airwaves alike. With its irresistible charm and undeniable groove, this track is poised to become a timeless favorite among music enthusiasts.

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