“FALLING DOWN (RED)” by The Killing Tapes, A Sonic Journey into Contemplative Darkness

The Killing Tapes, comprised of the dynamic duo Marcus Crede and Peter Svensson, unveil their fourth album, “FALLING DOWN,” on October 27, 2023. This installment marks a departure from their debut “Black,” embracing a more electronic sound, coupled with deeply personal and contemplative lyrics that harbor a hint of contempt, be it directed outward or inward—the listener’s discretion.


“FALLING DOWN” had its inception in the studio, where Marcus and Peter immersed themselves in a weekly ritual of musical exploration. Peter reflects on the process: “We came to the studio once a week with a dark mood, stood in each corner of the room and played a mantra on our instruments, with the record button down. After an hour I didn’t even think about Marcus, I just played with him, and when we heard something good, we looked up and smiled.”

Adding a new dimension to their sonic landscape, Martin Berry joined as the bass player in the fall of 2023, contributing to the album’s depth and complexity. This album is not mere background noise; it demands attentive listening. Designed for moments of repose, it invites the listener to recline on the sofa and immerse themselves fully in the experience. The Killing Tapes assert that this music is not for the office or casual headphone listening—it’s a deliberate sonic journey that warrants undivided attention. Marcus Crede, reflecting on the album’s creation, shares, “I have interpreted Peter’s mind and wrote some of the songs – or most of them – as if I was him or he was me. It was fun to do it, fun to write these macabre songs.” “MUSICALITY HAS BENEFITS OF TAKING YOU A LONG WAY,” Marcus emphasizes, steering the listener away from the mundane and into a mental realm detached from burning streets, office complexes, and the monotony of everyday life. The Killing Tapes’ “FALLING DOWN (RED)” is an exploration of sonic landscapes, emotions, and contemplation, offering a unique listening experience that transcends the ordinary.

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