“Quasar Viola” by Massimo De Simone A Cosmic Overture of Sound and Emotion

“Quasar Viola,” the original single by the versatile artist Massimo De Simone, is a transcendent masterpiece of musical composition that skillfully blends various genres and voices. It boldly weaves together elements of pop with progressive orchestration, melding pop sensibilities with lyrical vocality in a seamless fusion. This composition is a celestial voyage through the cosmos of the mind, guiding listeners towards the distant, snowy stars. In this ethereal realm, thoughts and fears metamorphose into stellar bodies, and time and space yield to the dictates of emotion. “Quasar Viola” encapsulates a visionary expedition into the dreamlike expanse of stellar space, a journey that navigates between planets and galaxies.


Yet, beyond the boundaries of Earth, within the realm of celestial bodies, the laws of the physical world as we know them lose their meaning. Massimo De Simone, together with the sublime soprano Cinzia D’Astola Perroni, beckons listeners to shed their preconceptions and embark on an odyssey into the unknown.

As the voyage comes to an end, it mirrors the human experience, offering profound insights and answers to questions that have long sought resolution. Each note, each lyric, and each harmony finds its purpose and place, resonating deeply within the soul. “Quasar Viola” is a testament to the boundless creativity of Massimo De Simone, an artist whose vision transcends the conventional boundaries of music. With the addition of Cinzia D’Astola Perroni’s enchanting soprano, the composition achieves a celestial harmony that lingers long after the final note has faded away. It is a cosmic overture that invites listeners to explore the infinite expanse of both outer space and inner emotion.

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