“Poems From The Edge” – Of Shadows And Lights EP Review

Of Shadows And Lights unveils his latest musical endeavor with the release of “Poems From The Edge,” an EP that transcends conventional boundaries. it was released on December 15th, this artistically ambitious work represents the band’s first concept EP, a collaborative effort featuring conscious lyrics penned by British singer-songwriter Lisa Tenzin-Dolma. Independently launched under the banner of Rexius Records AB, the EP weaves a tapestry of diverse musical genres and styles, offering a profound exploration of powerful emotions and experiences.


Kicking off the musical journey is the potent opening track, “On The Ledge.” With influences ranging from Indie Rock to Alternative Rock, the song stands as a testament to Of Shadows And Lights’ ability to craft infectious melodies. The lyrics, skillfully interwoven with the musical composition, delve into the precipice of emotions, providing an immersive experience that sets the tone for the entire EP. Following suit is the daring departure into the nostalgic soundscape of “Unbecoming,” where Classic British 60’s Pop influences make a notable appearance. The track showcases the band’s versatility and willingness to experiment, combining melodic hooks and crisp instrumentation. Tenzin-Dolma’s conscious lyrics add a layer of depth, making “Unbecoming” a standout chapter in the EP’s narrative.

The EP takes a contemplative turn with “Into The Silence,” delving into a more introspective and atmospheric sound. Navigating the territories of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, the track creates a sonic space resonant with emotional depth. Tenzin-Dolma’s poignant lyrics invite listeners into a moment of reflection, making “Into The Silence” a beautifully crafted piece that showcases the band’s ability to convey complex emotions through their music. In essence, “Poems From The Edge” is a compelling journey through a spectrum of musical styles, each track contributing to the narrative with a unique sonic fingerprint. Of Shadows And Lights, with their second EP, reaffirms their commitment to artistic exploration, creating an experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of genre. The EP is poised to captivate audiences with its diversity, conscious lyrics, and emotive musicality, establishing Of Shadows And Lights as a dynamic force in the contemporary music scene.

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