Pinkeen EP, A Soulful Prelude to a Transformative Journey

Joel Lington’s latest EP, “Pinkeen,” offers a tantalizing glimpse into his forthcoming 2024 album, sharing an intimate narrative that transcends linguistic boundaries in both French and English. The heart of “Pinkeen” lies in its portrayal of a woman entangled in a recurring cycle within her relationships. As the listener is drawn into her world, Lington’s emotive storytelling resonates, painting a vivid picture of a soul yearning for change. Through introspection and therapy, the protagonist seeks to break free from the destructive patterns that have left a trail of shattered connections.


Lington’s musical journey is a testament to his dedication and versatility. From gospel choirs to mastering music production, he has honed his skills in both vocal performance and behind-the-scenes artistry. Influenced by R&B and Soul legends like Sisqo and Keith Sweat, Lington infuses his own unique style into the genre.With a repertoire spanning across French, English, and Cameroonian languages, Lington’s ability to seamlessly transition between linguistic landscapes is a testament to his artistic range. Having already released four albums, including “Trust” (2018) and “Focus” (2021), he continues to evolve and refine his craft.

“Pinkeen” is not merely an EP; it’s a promise of a transformative musical experience that awaits in the full album slated for 2024. Joel Lington invites us to embark on a soul-searching journey, guided by his soulful melodies and poignant lyrics. As the EP lays the foundation, anticipation builds for what promises to be a profound musical odyssey in the upcoming release.

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