Colm Donnelly’s ‘Money’ A Playful Ode to Financial Realities

Colm Donnelly, formerly at the helm of indie rock bands, takes a bold leap into his solo venture with the release of ‘Money’. This marks the first of three distinctive singles that collectively foreshadow his upcoming 2024 album. Donnelly’s musical evolution, evidenced by this track, demonstrates his newfound freedom to explore a diverse range of styles and themes.’Money’ stands out as a departure from Donnelly’s earlier band sound, encapsulating a spirit of musical liberation. Its candid portrayal of financial pressures is delivered with a touch of playful wit, drawing listeners into a relatable narrative. Donnelly’s witty lyricism, reminiscent of icons like Morrissey, Eminem, and Alex Turner, infuses the song with a captivating charm.


The track’s sing-along chorus adds a dynamic dimension, making it inherently engaging. Although ‘Money’ reveals its full depth after repeated listens, Donnelly acknowledges the challenge of capturing attention in the era of short-lived first impressions. He deftly sidesteps fleeting trends, crafting a piece with enduring substance.

Colm Donnelly’s decision to collaborate with Dan Ponich, who played a pivotal role in his former band’s album, speaks volumes about their mutual understanding and creative synergy. The recording took place at Park Sound Studio in North Vancouver, a location that resonates with the song’s spirited energy.’Money’ is not just a debut single; it’s a testament to Donnelly’s artistic evolution and the promise of a multi-faceted album on the horizon. It encapsulates his belief that true satisfaction lies in the creative process itself. As Donnelly embarks on this solo journey, his distinct voice and musical versatility shine through, promising an exciting musical chapter ahead.

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