No Pride by Daffodildos: A Bold Statement in Queer Punk

Daffodildos, a vibrant queer-punk outfit hailing from Brighton, UK, unveils their debut single “No Pride” with unapologetic fervor. Known for their electrifying performances at renowned UK festivals like Greenbelt and Bearded Theory, this trio brings a refreshing blend of punk ethos and socio-political critique to the forefront of their music.


“No Pride” emerges as a poignant critique of the commercialization and superficiality often associated with Pride celebrations. Lead vocalist and guitarist Emily Flea, inspired by a bus ride through London during Pride Month, reflects on the irony of rainbow flags adorning corporate establishments and police vehicles. Her lyrics boldly challenge these symbols, asserting that true solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community extends beyond token gestures.  “No Pride” embodies the spirit of early punk with its raw intensity and fast-paced rhythms. Emily Flea’s vocals cut through with sharp clarity, delivering potent lines that resonate with defiance and authenticity. Annie von Flange’s dynamic drumming drives the song forward, while Captain Jax’s bass adds a deep, resonant undertone that grounds the track in punk tradition.

Beyond its rebellious sound, “No Pride” carries a vital message about the ongoing struggles faced by the LGBTQIA+ community beyond the celebratory confines of Pride Month. It underscores the disconnect between surface-level support and the pervasive challenges of stigma and discrimination. Daffodildos navigates these themes with finesse, offering listeners a rallying cry to resist complacency and demand genuine acceptance year-round. Released through the not-for-profit indie label Not Saints, “No Pride” marks a significant milestone for Daffodildos. It signals their commitment to using music as a platform for social change and cultural critique. As they continue to make waves in the punk scene, Daffodildos’ “No Pride” stands as a bold testament to their artistic vision and unwavering advocacy for queer rights and visibility.

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