Hands Up by Slim Loris: An Indie Rock Anthem

Slim Loris, the established Indie Rock outfit hailing from Stockholm, has unveiled their latest single, “Hands Up,” marking a vibrant shift in their musical journey. Led by Mattias Cederstam on vocals and bass, alongside Robert Barrefelt and Leon Lindström on guitars, and Tobias Lundgren on drums (formerly of Moon Safari), the band introduces a fresh dynamic with this track.

Credit: Lauri Veijalainen, lveijalaine.kuvat.fi

“Hands Up” emerges from a unique collaboration with house DJ and producer Kasizzle, where a spontaneous jam session birthed its infectious bass line. Infused with indie rock vigor and danceable beats, the song captures the essence of early summer in Sweden—a period marked by newfound warmth after enduring a long, dark winter. It encapsulates the excitement of outdoor gatherings under the sun, juxtaposed with the inevitable chill as twilight sets in, resonating deeply with anyone familiar with the seasonal transition. Recorded primarily at Slim Loris’s rehearsal space with Mattias laying down the foundation, the production was later polished by long-time collaborator Pecka Hammarstedt at Olga Studios. This collaboration has resulted in a track that not only showcases Slim Loris’s ability to blend genres seamlessly but also highlights their evolution as musicians embracing new influences.

“Hands Up” is not just a song; it’s a testament to Slim Loris’s ability to craft music that transcends genres and connects with listeners on a visceral level. Its upbeat tempo and catchy melodies make it an anthem for summer nights, resonating with its audience through its relatable themes and infectious energy. Following successful performances across Scandinavia, Slim Loris continues to build on their reputation as one of Sweden’s standout musical acts. With “Hands Up,” they prove once again their prowess in creating music that is both introspective and irresistibly danceable—a testament to their enduring appeal and evolving sound.

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