“National Treasure” Emerges from the Depths of The Bare Minimum’s Cage-Inspired EP


In a whirlwind of audacity and creativity, The Bare Minimum unveils their latest musical endeavor, “UNCAGED,” a Nicolas Cage-inspired EP set to redefine punk rock conventions. Leading the charge is the EP’s flagship single, “National Treasure,” a spirited ode to Nicolas Cage’s enigmatic aura. Drawing inspiration from Cage’s avant-garde acting technique, the track resonates with intensity, eccentricity, and a touch of the unexpected.

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The band masterfully weaves their trademark snarky humor into an exuberant and unrestrained musical backdrop. The amalgamation of a punk band’s raw energy with the eccentricity of a treasure hunter’s myth-laden pursuits forms the core essence of “National Treasure.” This bold and dynamic composition is a harmonious clash of sounds and concepts that catapults listeners into an uncharted realm of musical expression.

Scheduled for release on August 18, 2023, “UNCAGED” is set to disrupt musical norms. The EP comprises four innovative tracks inspired by Nicolas Cage’s iconic movies. Channeling Cage’s groundbreaking nouveau shamanism acting style, The Bare Minimum venture into the realms of intensity and unpredictability. With tracks such as “Con Air,” “Bangkok Dangerous,” and “Leaving Las Vegas,” the EP stretches its boundaries, exploring genres from trash punk to thrash metal and even synthwave.

Accompanying the EP are lyric videos for each track and an insightful breakdown of Nicolas Cage’s illustrious career. Under the expert mixing of Devon Lougheed from SuperBonBon Sound and CPS Mastering’s mastering prowess, “UNCAGED” is a sonic masterpiece.

Hailing from Toronto’s bustling punk underground, The Bare Minimum transcends traditional punk boundaries. Their music, best enjoyed in the immersive chaos of live performances, reflects an ethos that prioritizes raw energy over meticulous precision. Beyond their musical exploits, the band actively nurtures their local scene through various initiatives, cementing their status as both artists and advocates.

With “National Treasure” and “UNCAGED,” The Bare Minimum have tapped into the essence of Cage’s mystique, crafting a musical journey that’s both avant-garde and viscerally engaging. The EP stands as a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and carving their unique niche in the punk landscape.

Mick Hutchinson takes the lead on guitar, supported by Donnie Hopper on bass and backing vocals, Chris Nikolaidis on drums and backing vocals (with scream vocals on “Con Air”), and Cam Gray on vocals and guitar. Together, they bring “UNCAGED” to life, inviting listeners to embrace the unpredictable and revel in the extraordinary.

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