Introducing “Eveningsong”: A Melodic Embrace of Sweet Love by Marc Allen

Within the ethereal realm of musical compositions, “Eveningsong” emerges as a captivating tapestry woven by the artistic hands of Marc Allen. This melodic masterpiece is a testament to Marc’s lifelong journey through soundscapes, spanning from his early childhood where he began to serenade the keys and raise his voice in harmony, to the pivotal age of 16 when he first embarked on the path of musical creation.


The album resonates with original love songs that seem to caress the very soul of the listener. With Marc’s deft touch upon the keyboard and the enchanting vibrational melodies of Sky Canyon on the vibraphone, “Eveningsong” transcends mere auditory stimulation, extending its gentle arms into realms of tranquility and healing.

Marc’s musical prowess is not confined to “Eveningsong” alone; his creative repertoire encompasses a variety of albums, ranging from instrumental symphonies such as “Breathe” and “Petals,” where Marc collaborated harmoniously with Sky Canyon, to his solo masterpieces “Quiet Moments,” “Solo Flight,” and “Awakening.” The lyrical enchantment of “Eveningsong” is mirrored by another gem, “Seeds,” each composition bearing the distinct mark of Marc’s vocals and keyboard mastery, as well as Sky Canyon’s stellar vibraphone accompaniment.

The acclaim garnered by “Breathe” and “Petals” echoes through the years, as they found their place within spa sanctuaries, healing havens, and even the skies through airline channels. “Quiet Moments” weaved its harmonies into the fabric of documentaries, and Marc’s musical influence extends beyond his albums; he’s also a literary creator, the author of thought-provoking books like “The Magical Path” and “Visionary Business,” and the visionary behind New World Library.

The magic of “Eveningsong” extends to playlists tailored for tranquil moments — a soothing balm for spas, massage sessions, healing atmospheres, and more. It nestles within the hearts of those seeking calm, upliftment, and serene introspection. Just as the sun’s rays gently fade into the horizon, “Eveningsong” softly embraces the soul with its melodic embrace, a testament to the timeless love and devotion Marc Allen has poured into his musical journey.


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