Indie-pop duo Fake Dad is about to make a splash with their latest single, “So Dramatic!”

Slated to hit major streaming platforms on August 10th. This release marks the grand finale before their much-anticipated EP, “Yerba Mala,” arrives this October. With a blend of bratty bravado and sardonic flair, “So Dramatic!” stands as an anthem for those who relish delving deep into their emotions.


Lead vocalist Andrea de Varona, a first-generation Cuban American fluent in Spanish as her first language, infuses the track with a dose of Miami Spanglish. This linguistic fusion adds an enchanting layer of playfulness and charm, creating an almost flirtatious atmosphere. The song encapsulates the liberation and carefree spirit that accompanies the rollercoaster ride of young adulthood.

Fake Dad’s minimalist alt-pop approach shines through on “So Dramatic!” with its distorted, bass-driven arrangement. The track features eccentric bilingual spoken-word lyrics confidently delivered in an untroubled tone, championing shameless authenticity and embracing imperfection.

Already garnering attention from acclaimed music publications like Wonderland, Ones to Watch, The Luna Collective, and Grimy Goods, as well as securing spots on numerous Spotify editorial playlists with previous singles “FASHION GIRL” and “Imaginary Friend,” Fake Dad’s ascent shows no signs of slowing.

The songwriting and production mastery behind “So Dramatic!” stem from Fake Dad themselves, while the mixing was expertly handled by Daniel Neiman, who also lent his touch to their previous single, “Imaginary Friend.” The track’s bilingual nature holds special significance, as it aims to capture the multifaceted identity of being a Hispanic individual in America—a bilingual existence that mirrors the duality of experience.

Amid a world that often expects women to remain composed and subdued, embracing one’s own messiness and unpredictability becomes a powerful act of defiance. Fake Dad encourages listeners to embrace their unique journey, despite societal pressure and accusations of exaggeration, while radiating their own brand of dramatic charm.

Andrea de Varona (she/her) and Josh Ford (he/him), the creative forces behind Fake Dad, craft their music in their LA studio/apartment. Their distinct production style and vocal approach create an inviting and relatable canvas for their individual perspectives. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, Andrea and Josh share a common goal: crafting music that deeply resonates. Through their warm melodies and comforting soundscapes, Fake Dad is a musical companion ready to offer solace and reassurance, reminding you that everything is going to be alright.

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