Michael Ellery’s ‘Save Me’ A Collaborative Masterpiece of Resilience and Liberation

Michael Ellery’s recent single, “Save Me,” unfolds as a multifaceted collaboration that seamlessly melds the creative talents of a cinematic pop producer, a skilled rapper, and a jazz artist. Originating from Perth, Western Australia, Michael Ellery initiated the project with the creation of an instrumental bed, initially conceived as a hip-hop track with an expansive, epic atmosphere, setting the stage for a compelling narrative.


The transformative touch brought by TY Avery, a rapper hailing from Louisiana, elevated the composition. Recognizing the need for a soul-stirring chorus, Jess Turner from Utah lent her jazz-inspired artistry to the project. The outcome transcends the typical confines of a musical piece; “Save Me” is a captivating story of resilience. It delves into the intricate process of breaking free from generational trauma and steering towards a future unencumbered by the mistakes of the past.


Set to undergo pre-release on the dynamic platform Even.biz, “Save Me” allows listeners to directly support the artists, embodying a community-centric approach to music distribution. The official launch, scheduled for a later date, promises to make the track widely available on all major streaming services. “Save Me” isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem of empowerment and liberation. It encourages listeners to confront their own battles with inherited trauma. In this collaborative masterpiece, Michael Ellery, TY Avery, and Jess Turner not only deliver exceptional musicality but also convey a transformative message of strength and resilience, navigating the complex landscape of generational struggles. The song becomes a testament to the power of collective artistry in crafting a narrative that resonates deeply with the human experience.

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