Cris Cap’s ‘Howlin’ At The Moon’ EP A Triumphant Tale of Love in Sonic Harmony

Cris Cap’s EP, “Howlin’ At The Moon,” is a magnetic journey into the intricacies of love, masterfully fusing romantic chill pop, soulful melodies, and a sprinkle of country vibes. The title track, “Howlin’ At The Moon,” immerses listeners in a whirlwind of unrequited love, drawing from Cris Cap’s personal experiences. The song showcases vibrant and uplifting male vocals, skillfully recorded with Gary in Nashville, creating a sonic landscape that seamlessly blends Pop, Chill, Soul, and Country elements. A standout feature is the enchanting guitar solo, adding a layer of emotional depth to this genre-defying composition.


“Angel In My Room” featuring UGENE NGHT is a soulful addition to the EP, expanding its emotional spectrum. Cris Cap’s collaboration with UGENE NGHT introduces a captivating synergy, blending their vocal prowess to create a melody that resonates with introspection and longing.

The EP’s final gem, “Show My Love” featuring Tyla Raé, rounds out the collection with finesse. Tyla Raé’s contribution adds a dynamic dimension to the EP, creating a harmonious blend of vocals that explores the theme of love in its various facets. Collectively, these three tracks on the EP weave a narrative that transcends conventional boundaries. Cris Cap’s ability to infuse personal stories into his music resonates throughout, making each song not just a standalone piece but a chapter in a compelling musical novel. “Howlin’ At The Moon” is not merely an EP; it’s a testament to Cris Cap’s versatility and artistry, capturing the essence of love’s complexities through a rich and melodious tapestry.

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