Merry Christmas Darling, A Heartwarming Tale Set to Music

D’Artagnan, the multi-talented artist, is set to unveil the music video for his enchanting festival ballad, “Merry Christmas Darling.” Inspired by a real-life love story, the song captures the touching moment when D’Artagnan proposed to his partner at the very ice rink where they had their first date. Touched by the sentiment, D’Artagnan weaves together home footage from their early days with new production elements to create a music video that beautifully complements the song’s heartfelt narrative.


D’Artagnan’s musical journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences, beginning in his youth as part of a dynamic sibling duo. Known for their singing and dancing prowess, they were invited to perform at star-studded events attended by the likes of Tom Cruise, Michael Douglas, and Michael J. Fox. In a serendipitous turn of events, D’Artagnan’s first date with Josie took place at Hampton Court Palace’s ice rink during Christmas time. Exactly a year later, he proposed at the very same spot. Filled with overwhelming joy, D’Artagnan translated his emotions into the language he knows best – music. “Merry Christmas Darling” serves as a festive anthem that encapsulates their heartwarming love story, inviting audiences worldwide to bask in the warmth of the holiday season.

This year, D’Artagnan unveils the song accompanied by a brand-new music video. By seamlessly blending cherished home videos with fresh, high-quality footage, the video adds another layer of depth to the couple’s endearing tale. “Merry Christmas Darling” is a continuation of D’Artagnan’s musical journey, following the success of his 2019 album “Crush Hour,” which garnered airplay on over 100 FM stations across the UK. On November 1st, 2023, with the release of “Merry Christmas Darling,” audiences everywhere will have the opportunity to partake in a Christmas love story like never before.

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