Emerging Talent Transforms Classic, Cormac’s Take on ‘Country Roads’

Cormac, a 14-year-old with a remarkable musical journey, unveils his latest recording, a rendition of the timeless classic, “Country Roads.” This marks Cormac’s inaugural recording post his voice transition, from being a boy treble. While his vocal range is still evolving, “Country Roads” aligns perfectly with his current capabilities. The choice was also influenced by his upcoming journey to the JOSIE Awards in Nashville, where he’s earned several nominations. The song’s upbeat, foot-tapping rhythm offers a refreshing departure from his previous piano-vocal ballads. Cormac collaborates with Henry Facey on guitar, Dominic Ferris on piano, and Toby May on drums. The synergy among these musicians adds depth and texture to Cormac’s vocals. Although not a formal band, Cormac has worked closely with Dominic for three years, crafting heartfelt piano-vocal ballads during his boy treble phase.


Influences are aplenty for Cormac, with a current focus on singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran as he hones his guitar skills. Recently, Cormac showcased his talent at the Junior Open Mic in Herne Hill, London, a noteworthy event in his burgeoning career. A lighthearted episode unfolded as Cormac and his team braved the elements while busking in Brighton after recording the song. Despite heavy downpours and technical hiccups, they persevered, ultimately treating onlookers to an impromptu performance.

Recorded in Brighton during the summer of 2023, this project exudes an air of mirth and enjoyment. Cormac’s nomination for two awards at the JOSIE awards in Nashville prompted the selection of the country classic, aligning perfectly with the occasion. Cormac’s rendition of “Country Roads” is a testament to his evolving musical journey and a harbinger of promising things to come.

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