Melodic Brilliance Ignites Again, Tom Tikka’s ‘Fire and Ice’ Radiates Chart-Topping Magic

“In the wake of his springtime sensation ‘Something New,’ Tom Tikka once again sets the music world ablaze with his latest single from the upcoming album ‘Rainbows and Dead Flowers,’ titled ‘Fire and Ice.’ Bursting onto the scene, ‘Fire and Ice’ swiftly claimed the #10 spot on the UK Top 100 singer-songwriter chart upon its release on August 18th, adding yet another glittering jewel to Tikka’s crown of fourteen top-ten hits within just over seven years.


A masterful collaboration with former bandmate Antti Autio, ‘Fire and Ice’ is a symphony of storytelling. With production prowess from Tom Tikka and Janne Saksa, this track embarks on a heartwarming journey, capturing the essence of two brothers embarking on a pirate adventure within their bunkbed haven. As they steer their imaginary ship toward an island brimming with untold treasures, the song paints a vivid picture of youthful imagination.

Renowned for his integral role in Carmen Gray, Tom Tikka charted his solo course in 2020, and since then, his musical odyssey has yielded two critically acclaimed albums, ‘This Is My Happy Face’ and ‘Better Man.’ The former boasted not one, but two #1 hit singles, ‘Doormat’ and ‘With Eyes Closed,’ while the latter echoed with the soulful strains of ‘Done with Blues’ and ‘By 2022,’ ascending to #14 on the charts. Tikka’s earlier success story, ‘Something New,’ rocked the UK Top 100 Rock Chart at #4, and his transatlantic collaboration with the British group WILLJACK birthed the transcontinental hit ‘Overnight Sensation,’ surging to #3 on the Canadian Rock Chart and #51 on the UK Rock Chart.

Tom Tikka’s star has ascended on an international scale, with accolades spanning from Huffington’s Thrive Global to Authority Magazine, and from Melody Maker Magazine to The Hollywood Digest. His music videos have garnered laurels at film festivals worldwide, and the music industry has embraced him with open arms, evidenced by his ISSA Award wins, Josie Music Awards, and Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominations.

As the captivating tale of ‘Fire and Ice’ unfolds, Tikka’s collaborative masterpiece echoes with the innocence of brotherhood and the timeless allure of exploration. The single, released worldwide on August 18th, is accompanied by an enchanting music video, scripted, filmed, directed, and edited by none other than Tom’s own wife, Elina Suominen.

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