Enchanting Embrace of Sound, BlackieBlueBird’s ‘Grace & Gravity’ Unveiled

“Embarking on a dreamy sonic journey, Copenhagen’s enigmatic dream pop duo, BlackieBlueBird, has returned with their eagerly anticipated third album, ‘Grace & Gravity.’ Comprising the ethereal vocals of Heidi Lindahl and the compositional prowess of Nils Lassen, the duo crafts intricate torch songs that resonate with a symphony of reverb and echo. Their music conjures images of resonating guitars, soulful harmonicas, and the melancholic strumming of mandolins, all punctuated by an ethereal choir of lonely mermaids—occasionally enfolded by Heidi’s resplendent golden voice. Within her unique and clear vibrato, echoes of love, longing, and the bittersweet dance of hellos and farewells take center stage.


‘Grace & Gravity’ marks a captivating evolution in BlackieBlueBird’s sound, as they gracefully blend their signature dreamy romanticism with the rhythmic heartbeat of drums. Behind the kit is Danish drummer Tomas Ortved, known for his association with Sort Sol. The album comprises a collection of ten songs, each a poignant exploration of desire, love, life’s complexities, and poignant losses, all elegantly penned by the seasoned composer Nils Lassen.

With a discography that has garnered worldwide acclaim—think ‘Ghost River’ and ‘Goodbye in July’—BlackieBlueBird is often compared to the likes of Nick Cave’s ‘Murder Ballads’ and the enchanting melodies of Enya. ‘Grace & Gravity’ is no exception; it tugs at the strings of the heart, intertwining sentiment and melody.

Produced and written entirely by Nils Lassen, ‘Grace & Gravity’ is a harmonious collaboration between T&E Records and Aenaos Records. As the whispers of anticipation grow, the album is set for a digital release on the 22nd of September 2023, promising to envelop listeners in a tapestry of sound that paints pictures of emotions and dreams.

Indulge in the sonic voyage of ‘Grace & Gravity,’ where each track is a portal into a realm where music and emotions intermingle. From ‘The Morning After’ to the haunting ‘Snowwhite Swan,’ BlackieBlueBird’s latest offering is a testament to their artistry, inviting us to dance in the rain of melodies and immerse ourselves in the stories they tell.

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