“Love Highway”, Proklaim’s Fusion of Hip-Hop and Afro Beats

Proklaim, a solo artist with a musical journey dating back to 2011, brings us “Love Highway,” a compelling fusion of hip-hop and Afro Beats. This release stands as a testament to Proklaim’s introspective exploration of life and love. Influenced by legends like Nas, Tupac, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, and Drake, Proklaim’s musical roots run deep. Notably, Proklaim’s talent caught the attention of MTV Bass, where the music video for “Kingz” was featured.


An interesting tidbit about Proklaim is that the journey into rap began while honing guitar skills, showcasing a multifaceted musical talent. The single was recorded in Namibia and meticulously mixed by Lu Diaz in Florida, ensuring a top-notch production. “Love Highway” encapsulates the ethos of following one’s intuition and listening to the stirring in your chest—a profound message embedded in soulful beats. This track, along with the two that accompany it, paints a vivid auditory picture of Proklaim’s musical prowess.

The recording process was marked by a significant milestone, as these tracks became the first laid down in 2023. Proklaim’s dedication and growth as an artist are evident in this latest release. As Proklaim aptly puts it, “Kings have fallen at the hands of the triffling.” “Love Highway” is a testament to the enduring power of music to tell stories of love and life, a journey that Proklaim navigates with skill and passion.

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