“Boombap for Boomers, Lewca’s Sonic Odyssey through Time and Soundscapes

Lewca’s latest offering, “Boombap for Boomers,” is a musical journey that contrasts the laid-back ambiance of its predecessor, “Friday Night Rockstar.” The album exudes a sunny, mellow atmosphere, amplified by the presence of distinguished guests like underground legend Mick Swagger and Dancehall King Elephant Man.


Lewca’s musical odyssey began in the vibrant landscapes of Brixton, evolving through experiences in Parisian squats and a diverse range of artistic pursuits. His influences span from potent stimulants to The Clash, The Streets, and an array of other iconic musicians. Collaborating primarily with S.O.A.P., a Parisian drum & bass DJ and beatmaker, their partnership has yielded an impressive catalog of work. With three EPs under their belt, the duo dedicated the last year and a half to crafting two albums. “Friday Night Rockstar” dropped in December 2022, setting the stage for the forthcoming release of “Boombap for Boomers” on September 15th, 2023. Lewca’s aspirations for global recognition and boundless prosperity are palpable.

In the charming Normandy countryside, Lewca balances family life with musical pursuits, complemented by a semi-domesticated hedgehog named “Sonic.” Meanwhile, S.O.A.P. infuses British influences into his beats, contributing to the unique blend of their collaborative efforts. The upcoming album serves as the second half of a two-album endeavor, featuring a notable collaboration with dancehall icon Elephant Man. Lewca describes the project as an exploration of time’s passage, personal introspection, and the interplay of dreams and realities, all wrapped in nostalgic 80s-90s sonic aesthetics.

In a reflection of the album’s diverse influences, Lewca humorously contemplates between the lines, “Shooby dooby dooby dooby doo waa” and “you can keep the meat mate, just give me the bone.” This lighthearted sentiment encapsulates the spirit of Lewca’s musical journey.

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